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Automatic Laser Cat Toy Bear Laser Cat Toy LED Red Laser Cat Cat Toy

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Why Choose Our Automatic Laser Cat Toy?

Introducing our Automatic Laser Cat Toy, the purr-fect blend of entertainment and engagement for your feline friend. This innovative cat toy combines the charm of a bear design with an LED red laser, creating an irresistible play experience that will keep your cat happily entertained for hours.

Key Features:

  1. Irresistible Bear Design: Watch as your cat pounces and swats at the adorable bear-shaped toy, adding an extra element of fun to playtime. The playful design captures your cat's attention, turning every play session into a delightful adventure.

  2. Interactive LED Red Laser: The built-in LED red laser adds a dynamic and unpredictable element to play. Cats love to chase and bat at the elusive red dot, providing both mental and physical stimulation. It's a fantastic way to keep your cat active and entertained.

  3. Automatic Mode for Hands-Free Fun: Activate the automatic mode for hands-free play! The laser moves randomly, mimicking the movement of prey and keeping your cat engaged even when you're not available to play directly. Set it up in any room and let the fun unfold.

  4. Encourages Exercise and Mental Stimulation: The combination of the bear design and the captivating red laser encourages your cat to stay active, promoting exercise and mental stimulation. It's an excellent way to prevent boredom and keep your cat happy and healthy.

  5. Safe and Durable Construction: Crafted with your cat's safety in mind, the toy is made from durable materials that can withstand playful pawing and batting. Rest easy knowing your feline friend can enjoy hours of safe and satisfying play.

  6. Battery-Powered Convenience: The cat toy operates on batteries for hassle-free convenience. No need to worry about cords or outlets – simply insert the batteries, turn it on, and let the playful antics begin.

  7. Compact and Portable: Take the fun wherever you and your cat go! The compact design makes it easy to move the toy around the house, providing entertainment in various rooms or even during travel.

Treat your cat to the joy of play with our Automatic Laser Cat Toy featuring an adorable bear design and an enticing red laser. Order now and bring endless excitement and enrichment to your cat's playtime routine!


1. Each time it is turned on, it can last 15 minutes, and it will be again after 1.5 hours. Turn on automatically for 15 minutes and cycle in turn;
2. Funny cat mode can be divided into two types: automatic mode and manual mode;
3.5 kinds of angles to adjust 5 kinds of motion trajectories;
4. Dual power supply (4 AA dry batteries + USB power supply); the product is shipped without batteries
5. Silent motor;
6. The laser light is industrial-grade laser light (can be used for a long time)
7. There are two gear selections for laser speed to suit cat preferences

Three modes, height adjustable, timing off, dual power supply mode, handheld mode, interesting shape

Product size: 7*7*18.5 cm
Main function: Laser tease cat
Colour classification: white grey
Weight: 225g

Package Content:
Funny cat + charging cable + screwdriver

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