Pawprints to Freedom is a team of volunteers working tirelessly to prevent suffering and help dogs in awful circumstances. We operate primarily in Romania, saving dogs from kill shelters and other horrific situations, before finding them forever homes in the U.K. We are so lucky to have kennels based in the U.K. to support our dogs once they arrive.


Here at Pawprints to Freedom, we dedicate our lives to making a difference to street and shelter dogs, with the hope that one day we no longer need to. We started with a small idea back in 2017, to help one dog a month have a better life. Five years on, we are a registered charity consisting of over 100 volunteers. We have rehomed thousands of dogs into loving homes, saving so many lives.


Our mission is to improve the welfare of dogs in Romania, so we focus a huge amount of our resources to arranging spay campaigns and educational visits.