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About Us

Pawprints to Freedom is a team of volunteers working tirelessly to prevent suffering and help dogs in awful circumstances. We operate primarily in Romania, saving dogs from kill shelters and other horrific situations, before finding them forever homes in the U.K. We are so lucky to have kennels based in the U.K. to support our dogs once they arrive.

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    Lily S.

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    Ever since we switched to JSM, our dog's tail hasn't stopped wagging! Not only is our pup healthier, but we've also noticed a stronger bond between us. Highly recommend giving it a try

    Max B.

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    Emily R.

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    Jess loves it when I take Her out for walks but when she sees the throwing stick and ball her whole body shakes with excitement! Daria

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    This Dog Bed is fantastic The memory foam is super comfy for my dog, and it’s easy to clean. Highly recommend

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