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Two-in-One Cat Bowl Water Dispenser Automatic Water Storage Cat Food Bowl

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Introducing our Two-in-One Cat Bowl Water Dispenser – an innovative and space-saving solution designed to meet both your cat's feeding and hydration needs. This automatic water storage cat food bowl combines convenience and functionality in a single, user-friendly design. Here's a detailed description of its key features:

  1. Dual Functionality:

    • This cat bowl serves as both a water dispenser and a food bowl, providing a comprehensive feeding and hydration solution for your feline friend. The two-in-one design is ideal for saving space and simplifying your pet care routine.
  2. Automatic Water Dispenser:

    • The water dispenser is equipped with an automatic mechanism that keeps the water bowl filled as your cat drinks. This ensures a continuous and fresh water supply, promoting proper hydration throughout the day.
  3. Integrated Food Bowl:

    • The cat bowl features an integrated food compartment, allowing you to provide dry cat food alongside the water source. This compact and organized design makes it easy for your cat to access both food and water in one location.
  4. Adjustable Water Flow:

    • Customize the water flow to suit your cat's preferences. The adjustable flow control feature allows you to set the water dispensing rate, accommodating different cat sizes and behaviors.
  5. Large Capacity:

    • With ample space for both water and food, the Two-in-One Cat Bowl can hold a significant amount, reducing the frequency of refills. This is particularly beneficial for pet owners with busy schedules.
  6. Anti-Skid Base:

    • The cat bowl is equipped with a non-slip base to provide stability and prevent accidental spills or tipping. This feature ensures that the feeding station stays in place, even during enthusiastic eating and drinking sessions.
  7. Easy to Clean:

    • Designed for easy maintenance, the cat bowl can be disassembled quickly for thorough cleaning. Removable components are dishwasher-safe, making it simple to keep the feeding and watering area clean and hygienic.
  8. Transparent Design:

    • The transparent design of the water dispenser allows pet owners to easily monitor water levels, ensuring timely refills. This feature helps in maintaining a consistent water supply for your cat.
  9. Pet-Friendly Materials:

    • Constructed with pet-safe materials, the cat bowl is free from harmful substances, ensuring the health and well-being of your cat. The materials used are also durable and resistant to scratches.
  10. Modern Aesthetics:

    • The sleek and modern design of the Two-in-One Cat Bowl adds a touch of style to your home. Its compact size allows it to fit seamlessly into your living space while providing a functional and attractive feeding and watering station for your cat.

Simplify your cat care routine with the Two-in-One Cat Bowl Water Dispenser – a space-saving and efficient solution that combines feeding and hydration in a single, intelligently designed product.

Various colors to choose, convenient to use.
Large capacity water cup, control the water level to reach automatic water replenishment how much to drink, how much to keep, every is fresh water.
Multi-angle adjustable. 

Material: PP material
Color: Mediterranean blue, elegant green, girlish pink, gentleman gray
Water bottle material: PET material (not resistant to high temperature, do not wash with hot water)
Size: length 27cm width 15.5cm height 23cm water bottle capacity 500ml

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