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Chewable Fun: Interactive Mini Dog Toy Ball for Healthy Teeth!

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Elevate playtime for your furry friend with our "Interactive Mini Dog Toy Ball." Specially crafted for both large and small dogs, this chewable puppy toy is more than just entertainment—it's a dental health essential. Designed with care and durability in mind, this pet dog toy ensures hours of engaging fun while promoting dental hygiene.


  1. Interactive Play: The mini dog toy ball is designed for interactive play, allowing your pet to chase, fetch, and gnaw to their heart's content. Its versatile design accommodates both large and small dogs, making it an ideal accessory for households with multiple furry companions.

  2. Dental Health Benefits: The cotton rope construction serves as a natural toothbrush, promoting dental health as your dog chews and plays. The textured surface helps clean teeth and massage gums, reducing plaque and tartar build up for a healthier smile.

  3. Chewable Comfort: Constructed from high-quality, non-toxic materials, the toy provides a safe and satisfying chewing experience for your puppy. Say goodbye to worries about unwanted chewing habits, as this toy encourages appropriate gnawing behaviour.

  4. Durable and Long-Lasting: Built to withstand the rigors of enthusiastic play, the toy is durable and long-lasting. The cotton rope is tough enough to endure chewing and tugging, ensuring extended playtime enjoyment.

  5. Pet Dog Toy Accessories: Beyond being a source of entertainment, this mini dog toy ball doubles as a stylish accessory for your pet. Its vibrant colours and design make it an attractive addition to your dog's toy collection.


Introduce a new dimension of joy to your pet's playtime with our Interactive Mini Dog Toy Ball. This chewable puppy toy is not just about fun—it's a commitment to your dog's overall well-being. As your furry friend engages in interactive play, the cotton rope works its magic, cleaning teeth and promoting good oral hygiene.

Watch as your dog revels in the satisfying textures and durable construction, and take comfort in knowing that their dental health is receiving a playful boost. Elevate the bond with your pet through shared moments of joy and health-conscious play with this delightful pet dog toy accessory.

Choose the Interactive Mini Dog Toy Ball for a blend of fun, function, and dental care that your large or small dog will adore.

Product information:
Product Category: Knot Toys
Material: cotton rope
Size: round ball diameter 6cm*45g, handle ball 18cm 52g, hand-pulling ball 32cm 66g, binaural ball 18cm 58g, handle-pulling ball 30cm 100g, dumbbell 20cm 105g, flower cob 17cm95g, puppy candy 26cm*38g

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